Tuesday, 30 April 2013

First post...agh!

Well hello! I'm Hannah and this is the first time I've ever done anything remotely....'bloggy', but over the past six months I've really got into reading beauty guru blogs and watching online makeup tutorials so I thought I'd give it a go for myself (even if I am a little nervous!).

I've only recently got into the whole beauty and cosmetic side of being a girl, up until recently I never cared much for makeup, or appreciated how fantastic it is (crazy I know!) but now I'm slowly beginning to learn more about its application, what different things are used for and how to create different and alternative looks. I used to find applying it a chore (as I never really knew what I was doing!) and that's what would put me off ever experimenting or trying out new things. Currently my makeup collection isn't what I would call impressive or sizeable but I'm slowly trying to change that with new and interesting products that I come across. And this is where my blog will come in! I aim to review and share my opinions on the cosmetics I find, good, bad, cheap or high end and hopefully learn lots more about my new love for beauty along the way!

Oh and just to add a little about myself...I'm a student from Manchester currently in my first year studying English (perfect excuse for blog writing! Although confessing that means my English and grammar should be on top form!) I still live at home and have myself a part time job which means I'm probably not as poor as the average student... but I have had to scrimp recently! I love shopping (what girl doesn't) and I love materialistic overpriced girly tit tat, there is something in me that means I'm drawn to pretty shoes and bags that cost more than what I earn each month! Doesn't necessarily mean I get them though *sigh*...yup it's a hard life haha ;)

So now I've introduced myself and discussed my beauty related intentions I'll be on my way and be back soon with what I've come across!

Thanks for reading!
Han x

P.s I'm still trying to work my way round this blog site so excuse the poor presentation!