Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Favourite Body Butters

This post is to discuss my all time favourite, alongside my current body butters and moisturisers. It is a fairly modest collection to say the least, no high end brands in this stash! I lather on any one of these depending on my mood, my skin, the weather, or sometimes it’s down to simply being within reaching distance! I love them all equally and yet all for different reasons.

1.      Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – Now everyone loves a bit of Palmer’s, it’s one that many of us will always go back to as it’s just so darn reliable. There is nothing fancy or luxurious about this moisturiser, it’s simply made to straight up soften, smooth and relieve and it does just that. This is a butter that I tend to use mainly in the summer when my skin is more exposed to the sun and whilst I’m building up a tan. It also gets it’s fair usage when I’ve come back off a holiday and I’m trying my best to maintain my glow! Palmer’s does help to do this, it keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised which is what my skin cries out for after a mere week in the sun! I apply this both morning and night as with a tan my skin becomes very dry and uncomfortable and I often start to peel if I miss moisturising even once! So in these times it’s a saviour! It is in fact recommended as an after tanning butter which is the initial reason for me buying this all those moons ago, but what is also a big plus is that it works to even out skin tones and smooth out marks and scars. The only thing I’m not too keen on with this product is the cocoa butter scent but I think that’s because I’ve used it soo much and so often that I’ve just gone off it (this tends to happen with most things such as perfume annoyingly enough).

2.     Garnier Summer Body Mosturising Lotion – I’ve been using this for sooo long, that I actually think it’s time for a change! This product isn’t your ‘slap on after a shower body crème’, but a moisturiser that works to gradually build a subtle sun-kissed glow. In the past I’ve used it all over the shop, legs, arms, face, you name it but these days I tend to just stick to the pins. It’s great because it doesn’t create the mess and require the preparation that true false tanning does and what’s even better is that it lasts for ages! I’ll usually apply this once each morning for two/three days (bearing in mind that you should let it dry into the skin for a while before putting your skinnys on!) and then for the next week those unsightly milk bottles are no more! What I find however is that the product never truly or fully sinks into the skin and it can leave your skin feeling slightly sticky so showering before your next application is usually best! It’s not great for solely moisturising but for a hint of colour I can’t fault it.

3.     The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter/The Body Shop Mango Body Butter – Hail the budget beauty body butters of all time (although I think Soap & Glory could now be a close second!). The Body Shop are well known for their tubs of ‘smells so good you could eat it’ goodness, and I think it would be hard to find a household in Britain that doesn’t have one of these, big or small, rolling around in the back  of a drawer somewhere or pride of place on the dressing table. They do exactly what they’re made for – buttering up that body. I’ve not stopped using these two of late and I sometimes have to ‘ip, dip, dop, do’ over which one to use as they both smell SO good. The consistency is really light and creamy and dries into the skin wonderfully. The scent on them lasts pretty much all day too so you don’t need to worry about smelling questionable by the end of your graveyard shift!

4.     PINK Warm & Cosy Supersoft Bodylotion -  Last but not least is a Victoria’s Secret favourite of mine, simply because it smells so good. This was bought at roughly Christmas time, hence the name, so I’m not sure whether they still sell this anymore. I used it a lot over the winter period and unfortunately it’s been cast aside while the more summer fruity fragranced lotions take over! The scent isn’t what I would call a staple winter scent as it is quite a sweet vanilla fragrance but it is quite heavy and it doesn’t scream summer but for those miserable wet British days it could well make another appearance!  Plus I love the cute pump packaging it comes in!

Do you have a favourite body butter? Could you recommend a  moisturiser you’ve recently tried out?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Parklife '13 Baby!

Not a beauty inspired post this time round but I have good reason! This weekend saw over 150,000 music lover’s flock to Manchester to see Bon Jovi at the Etihad, Rod Stewart at the Arena and of course to enjoy the much anticipated PARKLIFE at Heaton Park. This is literally on my doorstep being only a twenty minute drive from my house so I grabbed a ticket alongside one of my Uni friends and pals and embraced an epic weekend! The weather couldn’t have been any finer, it was the best weather we’ve seen in a while and the sun didn’t stop shining for the whole two days. Everyone was in high, happy spirits and just generally having a belting time! In all honesty I didn’t know many of those featured on the line-up as it was mainly house Dj’s ect but from those that I did know, being Disclosure, Rudimental, Jessie Ware, Rita Ora, Delphic, Plan B and Example, they all put on a cracking show. Example held the best set of the weekend for me, he kept up the tempo and even though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of his he really did send everyone off on a high on the Sunday night! I’m pretty gutted it’s over to be honest, had such a good crack with the people I know and with the people I met! And my fuzzy head, aching bones and 8 hour shift come Monday morning were definitely worth it despite my desperate pleas for mercy!  

Parklife isn’t a camping festival, which didn’t bother me too much as I’ve done all that before and to be honest going home to a shower and a fresh bed is SO what you need after a pissed up day in the sun. Plus it gives you time to prepare for doing it all again the following day! I would recommend Parklife to anyone who loves a beer, a dance, being with their mates, music and the sun…not guaranteed of course, but even in the rain (I’ve been to Leeds Fest in the past wading through inches of mud in a downpour) you can still have an awesome time!

Did you go to Parklife this year? Do you have any different festivals lined up?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Bikini Buys

I’m hoping to get a summer holiday booked in the next few weeks so of course I’ve been looking at overpriced bits of material to cover up my funny bits! In other words, bikinis. I do love a good bikini, the pricetag’s however, not so much but I usually buy two to three new ones each year to satisfy my money wasting compulsion. I know that the standard bra and brief combo is kinda going out the window now and it’s all about the high waist, bandeau and all in one but as much as I like them I want as much flesh exposed as possible! I ain’t susceptible to hiding from the sun, so these are some picks I’ve come across that I like the look of and might possibly purchase!

1.       I bought this bikini from Dorothy Perkins about a month ago and I really love it! The pattern is totally me, I love floral designs. I got it for a bargain too as there was 15% student discount at the time so I got the whole set for under twenty quid!
Dorothy Perkins – Top: £14 Bottom: £9

2.       This is another one from Dorothy Perkins; I’m loving polka dot at the minute so this really caught my eye. I think DP offers reasonable prices too, especially when you can get your student discount whacked on top!
Dorothy Perkins – Top: £14 Bottom: £9

3.       I’m not the biggest Jack Wills fan but this combo is too cute to miss. It’s so summery and girly, what isn’t there to like! That might be the price actually…£29.50 for the top and £19.50 for the bottoms is STEEP and not really justifiable, on to the next one…
Jack Wills – Top: £29.50 Bottom: £19.50

4.       I really like the fringe detail on this bikini; it’d look fab with a few necklaces and bracelets on the beach!
Miss Selfridge - £26 set

5.       Now this is high waisted but I LOVE it. Lemons might not be for everyone but I think it’d look really good once your tan has developed, maybe not one for the first day…
Topshop - £34 set

6.       This is my other favourite, it’s simple but I love the pastel colours used and I think I’ll definitely be going trying this one on!
River Island – Top: £16 Bottom: £12

What’s your favourite place to shop swimwear? Had a bikini bargain this month? Please share!