Sunday, 1 September 2013

TBS Banana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

So I haven’t been here in a while, a month in fact! Simple reason being that through August and July I have purchased very little and with working and the fact that it’s summer, I’ve kinda neglected this place (oops!). So I bought myself a second holiday (which I go on tomorrow, eek!)  and it’s been my boyfriend’s birthday so I’ve been splashing out on him! Next month I look forwards to spending my own birthday cash (Thursday hint hint) on some beauty bits I’ve had my eye on and giving this old thang a little TLC!
                So one thing I did purchase was The Body Shop’s Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. Now because these are banana scented they won’t be to everybody’s taste but it was the fact they were banana that drew me towards buying them! It’s a fun and exciting scent, different to your normal floral fragrances and puts a new spin on those fruity ones. Unfortunately my expectations were too high for this product and I think anticipating that these were going to be hair care must haves, made it all the more disappointing when I figured they just weren’t!
                Both the shampoo and conditioner are banana scented but the formulas only hold a very light fragrance. I expected and wanted the smell to be quite heavy and pungent, but it was neither here nor there! Obviously some people would prefer this, especially if you hate or dislike fragranced body bits, but I don’t, I like all my lotions and potions, shampoos and conditioners to have strong sweet smells, so this was the first let down for me! I also expected the banana-ery smell to stay on my hair once it had been washed, there is nothing I love more than when my hair smells clean and of my selected shampoo, but no, the scent washes away with the soap...
Secondly the shampoo formula just doesn’t hold up, no matter how much you massage the formula into the head it just doesn’t lather like you’d expect it to. I love giving my bonce a good scrub (as well as making foamy beards) so this really didn’t make the cut for me. I rated the conditioner slightly higher, but it didn’t make it feel silky and slippery like I expect from most of my conditioners, there was certainly no detangling or conditioning in my opinion!
When my hair was dry, there was still no improvement to be seen from this fruity duo. My hair looked dull and not at all smooth; I’ll definitely be sticking to my well-loved Tresemme! The two aren’t exactly cheap either at £4.50 for a 250ml bottle, which is typical of the TBS price range, but for that I expect the quality and performance of a product to be reflected in its price tag.  Some people really do love this product and I wish I did too but for me The Body Shop just hasn’t stepped up to the mark!
Have you tried this product before?  What did you think?


  1. Although I haven't tried this product, I was wondering if you've ever tried Chi Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner (in the purple bottles). They are also banana scented! I work in a salon where they are sold, but I've never actually tried them because I always find something else to try first! However, the scent is to die for! Maybe it might work better than these! :)

  2. ahh I don't like the smell of banana :(.. That's unfortunate the shampoo didn't lather up, sometimes that don't.. but apparently it's good if they don't? I heard that from somewhere don't know where haha x

  3. Hiya,

    I see you followed my old blog (Dee Beauty xox) and just thought I'd update you to my new blog: as I'm deleting the Dee Beauty one! :)

    Also, don't know why but the smell of banana always seems to remind me of when I was a kid... haha, I may have to try this stuff out!

    Anyway. thanks!
    Dominique x

  4. I was looking at this shampoo at the store. Glad I didn't buy it :)